Small yard & arches, instantly make your garden into a fairyland

Time:2021-06-23 10:36:24

People who have a yard at home,

Are particularly enthusiastic about,

Plant flowers under the courtyard wall to create a flower wall.

But only the flower wall is too vulgar,

Let’s try the arch now,

Maybe you will feel as beautiful as a fairyland in an instant.

If the arch is made of wisteria flowers,

Large clusters of purple flowers hang down,

Like a series of waterfalls flying down,

It can give you all the gorgeousness and romance you want.

It’s easy to make an arch with wisteria flowers.

Because its branches and vines are naturally long and soft,

Its adaptability is extremely strong, resistant to shade, cold, water and humidity,

It can be planted in the Yangtze and Yellow River basins.

If the arch is made of rose,

It’s a different feeling from wisteria flowers.

The types of rose flowers are quite rich,

Not only are there many patterns, but the patterns are also ever-changing.

There is no need to worry about not finding what you like or not adapting to the climate.

Because the rose has suitable varieties in China regardless of the southeast, northwest and northwest.

The big Fujimoto rose has both pink Lonza gems, pink Da Vinci,

The exquisite and gorgeous type of flowers like the parade,

There are also very lively and festive like the vine rainbow, the golden celebration, and Angela,

There are also blue rain, blue storm, lavender wreath and other beautiful and refreshing ones.

If the flowers above that are suitable for arching only bloom in spring,

If you only appreciate the green leaves in summer,

That would be very wrong,

There is another kind of flower that blooms in midsummer,

And it’s beautiful to make flower walls and arches.

It is the blue snowflake.

If you use blue snowflakes to build an arch,

Then your yard suddenly added a blue landscape,

It's so cool to touch the blue,

Let the irritability and stuffiness of summer disappear.

Moreover, Blue Snow is heat-resistant and moisture-resistant,

There is no need to worry about raising it in hot and humid areas in summer.

If you think that the blue snowflakes are too clean for arches,

If you like the splendid summer scenery,

You can also use Bougainvillea to create arches,

Bougainvillea is also an excellent flower that is heat-resistant,

The more sun it blooms, the more brilliant it will bloom.

Its colors are cool white and light green,

There are also warm reds, oranges and yellows,

There are also colorful complexes such as Zhang Hong Ying and Pictorial.

Bougainvillea is too suitable for arches in the south,

Only using it to make a flower wall would be to look down upon it,

You can also make it colorful and brilliant by grafting.

There is also a purple bell vine that can also be used to create a beautiful and romantic arch.

Its flowers are shaped like bells, and the colors are very beautiful.

It's the kind of pink and purple that's fluttering,

Its branches and vines are very lush,

The amount of flowers is also very large, and it is resistant to high temperature and humidity, and it is very good to grow in the south.

There is also a firecracker flower that can bloom in winter,

It is also quite amazing to use it as an arch.

Firecracker flower is a perennial vine flower of the family Lagerstroemiaceae.

In some places, it is also called "Yellow Eel Vine".

Its flowers are very unique,

The flower color is gorgeous golden yellow,

It usually starts to bloom at Christmas,

Continued until spring.

When the flowers bloom,

Hanging down like a string of golden firecrackers,

Extremely dazzling.

Plant firecracker flowers in warmer places in winter to make arches,

It was really festive and lively.